I remember the day I read my first Japanese novel. Dasai was telling me of the growing pains of a young misfit in the midst of post-war Tokyo. Entangled in the midst of his words were hidden all the Japanese mysteries I always wanted to see up close.

The Japan of cherries, geishas, kabuki, the rising sun and Kurosawa. Great country made up of subtleties. Where flowers float, the pace is short, the speech is slow and eating is an art. Tokyo is the city of the night. When the lights of the earth are extinguished, they light theirs and you have to be careful not to lose all their follies, almost imperceptible to western eyes. Getting to know Japan is like having a strong drink, one that takes days to get out of the system, but that carries you for a real trip, in, out, down, and around. An overdose of details that challenge you to look at the world with your eyes too tight not to miss the next show. And be aware, because it can start anytime. Arigato Tokyo!