A REAL GHOST TOWN in the Sierra Nevada mountains

The first thing you notice when you're in Bodie is the buildings - a bank, a church, a school and a prison - nothing different from what we're used to.

A classic and austere organization of a system that has already proved to fail. Everything is exactly the same, streets, alleys, big houses, little houses ...

the same thing, a big museum of everything that doesn't work anymore.

Walking around, I try to be as quiet as possible, better to let them sleep.

I peer through the mansions windows and recreate in my head things that have happened there. I imagine one by one those who lived here, men and women, who were born, sinned and now buried somewhere.

Bodie was built around a gold mine and was abandoned as soon as it was gone. Bodie is actually an omen of where our greed will lead us, a sinister reminder that one day we will all be forgotten.

Regardless of all, one thing is a fact: the past does not pass so quickly here.